Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Knitted Vermicompost! Yippee!

Live in a teeny apartment but wish you could compost? You can! All you need is some compost worms (red wrigglers aka eisenia foetida), some newspaper, and a plastic storage tub with some holes punched in it. There's a whole book about it here and the wikipedia article is pretty good too. You can order worms online or find a source locally - in NYC I know you can get them from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and the ecology center stalls at the Brooklyn and Union Square farmers' markets.

And, um, if you want to knit your own squiggly friends, the pattern's almost done! Mama worm, worm egg, baby worms all in one! Food scraps and casings not included.


Bunny said...

You read my mind. I was just last week wanting to knit earth worms. they are terrific!

maria sputnik said...

maybe you're the first human on earth to utter the phrase "knitted vermicompost". how does it feel to be unique?

I'm presenting a paper called PIPELINE! next week, about Russia and the West armwrestling over oil'n'gas, and the presenter right before me is going to be talking about KNITTING AS SOCIAL CHANGE. Craftivism? I'll be takin' notes and thinkin' of you...