Monday, May 26, 2008

Eisenia the Earthworm is Ready for her Close Up

Brand new in the pattern shop, meet Eisenia the Earthworm! This easy pattern includes three patterns in one - a mama worm, worm babies, and a worm egg. Hope you like it!


Anonymous said...

Hello Daniel, Got your worms, well done, What's next?????


Daniel Yuhas said...

Hi Faye - thanks again!

I haven't done the photography yet but the pattern's almost done for a pillbug/potato bug/RolyPoly bug

What do you call them in Australia? Do you have them there?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Daniel, we have Roly Polies as I used to call them as a kid. Otherwise known as wood borers here. Pests, and destructive.....most common in wet, moist, damp areas....can make a mess of the timberwork of one's home if given the right conditions and permitted to become an infestation. Slower wood eaters compared to termites, otherwise known as white ants which are bad over here in Australia too, and in my area, I have been lucky so far..
With the drought we are in ants are a real big problem and I reckon they could survive a nuclear bomb these buggers, I've tried everything natural and chemical to get rid of them. They are freeloaders, can't leave any food laying about in sink area, otherwise whole area is infested with ants. Strangely enough we have to adapt our lifestyles and learn to live with them...I refuse to feed the buggers! Rattling on here, looking forward to next patterns. Ride safe too.