Friday, May 2, 2008

Iviva's Embroidery

I met Iviva Olenick at Church of Craft a couple months ago. I was working on something I can't talk about yet, and she was doing embroidery. We liked each other's work a lot, so we decided to trade - I gave her a squid (it was the sample from the Squiddity pattern, so it was "a squid I had on hand"), and she did some embroidery for me. She asked me for a phrase to embroider - I gave her a couple to choose from and asked her to interpret them however she wanted. She wound up doing both (she kind of loved the squid)... I totally love what she made - want to see?

From the finale of It, where the kids banish the It-monster with tongue-twisters.

From the Kimya Dawson song my heroes. I keep it on my inspiration board.

They both mean a hell of a lot to me in a million different ways. Thanks again, Iviva!

P.S. - Iviva's teaching at Etsy Labs - go sign up for a class!


Anonymous said...

Oh you are so easily pleased, (and short changed).

Daniel Yuhas said...

Says who?

emily said...

'he thrusts his fists...' is such a good idea for embroidery, quaint and creepy. i like your blog. when are you coming to portland? it's 94 degrees here.