Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Crochet Coral Reef

So here's my utterly belated post from the opening of the Crochet Coral Reef at World Financial Center. If you don't already know about the reefer madness that's descended on our city, go here or here or here. (And Londoners, you're next!)

I totally love this stuff. At the opening, I was privileged to meet my craft hero Helle of Gooseflesh fame, and also got a tour from my new friend Gay of the crochet guild, who pointed out her contributions. That little bit right there is mine... That's part of what I love about this project - it's so additive and polyglot. A number of the folks I've talked about it with have dissed the presentation - you can't tell from my fuzzy picture (it's behind glass) but much of it sits on separate bits of black fabric. It's nowhere near as faboo as the highly controlled photos on the IFF site's gallery, but I kind of love that about it, too - I can almost hear the Crochet Ladies who put it together saying "wow! this is neat!" a zillion times over.


kat coyle said...

Well, it looks like fun. I love Helle too. Her photos are always very tasteful, well lit and organized so it's kind of great looking at this more random, and psychedelic crochet hodge podge.

knithound bkln said...

Marina and I went to see it on Friday and we must have said "wow, that's really neat" about a zillion times.
It's completely addictive and really beautiful! I want to go back.

I saw Marci's name on the list too!

Vegan Knitting said...

Ok - I'm coming to this a bit late but WOW! I need to read more about this project and see if it's still going.