Monday, May 21, 2007


I rode the 5BBC Montauk Century yesterday. It was fun! I was up at 2:30 in the morning to get to Penn Station on time, so it better have been! I forgot to take any pictures, so I drew one. I've been out to Montauk before, and the "LUNCH" place in Amagansett is the first real landmark. I got such a second wind when I started recognizing stuff and pushing to the end.

Also near the end, atop one of the rolly hills, when I found my eyes suddenly stinging with sweat, I was wobbling and about to pull over to the side to catch my breath, when somebody behind me yelled, "Hey! You can do it! The faster you go down this one the faster you'll go up the next!" I shifted up and pushed down the hill as hard as I could, suddenly feeling my pace come back and shouting, "Wheeeee!"
Thank you, mystery lady! You totally made my day.

Pretty bikes I saw en route - a Custard Kogswell, a baby blue Kirk, and a lovely brown Vanilla.

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Caro said...

'nillas r purty