Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Allium Snatcher Strikes Again!

This morning the second purple puff-ball out of my little stand of 5 alliums had been snipped by a passerby. Yargh. Here's a couple snaps before she nicks the remaining three. Note the stumps in the foreground.
Mary down the block has a great story from after she first bought her house. Outside space! she cried, and merrily started digging to re-plant one of her bushes where it would have more room to spread out. Only she couldn't dig it up - it was chained into the ground! Ah, Brooklyn!


Daniel said...

any guesses on who it is?

daniel said...

not a clue. what makes me more sad about it is that whoever it was only cut the flower off, not the stem - so not keeping it in water, just nabbing flowers.