Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bridges, Bridges, and More Bridges

So Saturday I did a 70-mile 5bbc ride that went over 26 bridges. The purple thing is an approximate map. I bailed out at the G.W. 'cause I had to ride home, shower and get up to the Bronx for Princess Bianca's birthday party by 5.

Here's the list of bridges we crossed:
Brooklyn Bridge
Union St. Bridge
9th St. Bridge
Carroll Ave. Bridge
3rd St. Bridge
Manhattan Bridge
Williamsburg Bridge
Pulaski Bridge
Roosevelt Island Bridge
Roosevelt Island Bridge again
Queensborough Bridge
63rd St. Pedestrian Bridge
Ward's Island Pedestrian Bridge
Unknown Ward's Island Pedestrian Bridge
Triborough Bridge
Willis Ave. Bridge
Third Ave. Bridge
Madison Ave. Bridge
145th St. Bridge
Macombs Dam Bridge
Inwood Park pedestrian Bridge
Henry Hudson Bridge
Broadway Bridge
University Ave. Bridge
Washington Bridge

(Then the Brooklyn again on the way home)

Ta Daa!

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hareyakara said...

Wow!! I recently got a bike and rode 6.5 miles and was proud of myself. lol I guess I gotta get out there and do some more! But hey, I'm a novice so.. :)