Sunday, February 8, 2009

Math, Fiber, and Actual Tatting Content!

In January a blanket I designed was featured at a juried Mathematical Fiber Arts Exhibit at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Washington, DC. My blanket shared the same table as design hero Norah Gaughan's original for Celestine, which feels pretty great!

I'll gush more about that later, but here's something else from the show that I find totally awesome - a tatted fractal by mathematician Ted Ashton!

I love this. It's mathy and handmade at the same time, which means that Ted in making this piece was really doing the math by making smaller and smaller triangles. Plus I think it's really beautiful.

Thanks again to sarah-marie belcastro and Carolyn Yackel for organizing the special session and show!

Edit April 3 09: If you're in or near NYC between April 25 and May 17 and you want to see Ted's work in person, stop by the Yarn Theory show at the PS122 Gallery!


Kim said...

That is the coolest tatting I've seen! I'm glad people still tat. I've been meaning to pick mine up again but knitting is what I've been doing lately.

Weird. The captcha is "ackmycop".

s loyd said...

Wow, this is exactly why I totallly fell in love with tatting a year ago!! Thanks