Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Helix aka the Pine Cone Blanket

A gorgeous and sophisticated addition to the Molting Yeti pattern shop, meet Helix, aka the pine cone blanket.

This beautiful, substantial, sophisticated blanket mimics the natural spiral pattern found on sunflower heads and pine cones. Two sets of spirals emerge from the center, intersecting as they grow. Simple pinwheel construction with no piecing or seaming make this a quick and enjoyable knit.

This blanket was featured at the juried Mathematical Fiber Arts Exhibition at the 2009 Joint Mathematics Meetings in Washington, DC (it spirals in two directions - what's not for a mathematician to love?). But don't fret - there's some fussy counting in the beginning as the pattern establishes itself, but it's smooth sailing after that!

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Marjojo said...

Wow, you have been busy and a lot to show for it. Knitting and mathematics, that's the perfect combination for you, isn't it! Fun plus brain. And it all began with the sunburst blanket you made for your little niece, didn't it. Onwards and knitwards!