Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Up With Grubs!

Here's the gigantic knitted yellow grub I made for Silas this Christmas. I got tons of funny looks knitting this one on the subway, let me tell you! Silas kinda loves it, and so does his grandma, which makes me really happy.

Godparenting stories that go with it:

Silas, like his whole neighborhood of shorties, is ridiculously obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. But the Thomas stories are kinda depressing lessons in you-are-a-cog-in-the-wheel - Sir Topham Hat is the boss of all the trains, and they cross rickety bridges, broken tracks and gigantical hills to bring him his payload on time. Then he says "You have been very useful." Before he could read them himself, I told the stories to Si so that the trains go on strike. "Down with Topham Hat! Up with Trains!" On Saturday he tossed the grub into the air shouting "Up with Grubs! Up with Grubs!"

The other grub story:

What's a baby cat? a kitten.
What's a baby kangaroo? a joey.
What's a baby human? a baby.
What's a baby bug? a grub!



Anonymous said...

Oh Daniel, I wanna make one too. Are you going to be sharing the pattern for this unique character???


daniel said...

The pattern will be up before too long... but you know how long it usually takes when I say that! I got totally fascinated when I saw Life in the Undergrowth, so I think my next batch of toy designs might be bugs - molting dragonflies look like total space aliens!

Anonymous said...

I can wait, yu know where to find me. Love doco's on anything, always willing to learn.

Mary said...

I never thought I'd say a grub is cute--but, gee, that's one cute grub!

Thanks for comment on my blog. That cat is actually a camera-hog. He sees a camera and starts vogueing.

Marjojo said...

I come here when I’m in need of a smile and always find something else too. Words that mean more than I was aware of (grub I took for food, but find maggot, short person, pimple, root stump and something to do with cricket), new words too - ‘feuderal’ makes such perfect sense and feels like it’s always been around. What a gift, thanks. Also love the tank cosy.
PS. Apropos new words: I remember seeing a film years ago, by Eliseo Subielaan (Argentinian filmmaker), in which a guy writes a word on his bedroom wall every day and then crosses it out, to make room in his brain for a new word. Makes perfect sense too, doesn’t it?

Marjojo said...

PPS. Think I misspelled filmmaker's name, it's Eliseo Subielo. I love his Hombre Mirando al Sudeste, seen many years ago.