Sunday, February 24, 2008

Smashed Pennies

I'm hard at work at some stuff I can't show, so here instead is my smashed penny collection! I just added another one from a trip upstate, so here's the bunch of them before I put them all away. Sorry for my wack photo skills - it's hard to get them to come out legible! Clockwise from the farthest left with the middle one last:

Generic "You Are Special to Me" from the Cheesequake Travel Plaza, smashed after the Ride for Autism on my birthday last year (New Jersey just isn't that scenic - the only one with a place on it was for the World Trade Center); Mount Washington Auto Road, from the top of mount Washington; Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, from a trip to DC last year to see the Joseph Cornell show and geek out on rocks; The Bronx Zoo, from when the bug carousel was new; "Adirondacks", from the Modena Travel Plaza on the Northway. It wasn't really a trip to the Adirondacks, but I've been there, and I didn't want to get West Point, which we were closer to; Mount Saint Helens - from the summer of 2003 when it started gushing forth again - I had to see it before I moved back to NYC; Ausable Chasm, from my bike trip last summer; and in the middle is Astroland from last summer, probably but hopefully not the final summer of its existence.

Lost, chucked into the ocean, or "somewhere in this house" as Si would say, are Virginia Beach from a visit to my sis; the Jubitz truckstop, from a bike ride in Portland; and Multnomah Falls, also from a ride in Portland.

Wow, the places I've been.

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Anonymous said...

i have a friend who collects smashed pennies. i love getting them for her when i travel. i never knew there were more of you out there.