Friday, February 5, 2010

Blobfish Facing Extinction

Caution:  This post contains pictures of blobfish.  Lots and lots of blobfish.

Last week, Google Analytics told me my post about the knitted blobfish I made for my friend Tamara was getting lots of hits.  First I thought I'd been linked to by somebody famous, but no - everybody was coming in from search engines.  So I googled it up myself and found out the blobfish may be going extinct.

Apparently, the inedible, gloppy, poor little buggers swim at the same level as crabs and lobsters, so they're getting trawled up in the same nets.  You can read the whole news story here from the Telegraph in the UK.

Here's a picture of my knitted blobfish:

And my new favorite, here's a screenshot of Google Images when you look for blobfish pictures:

... which of these creatures is not like the other?

Now I have that old Shonen Knife song about the Bison stuck in my head - who else could write a bubblegum pop song about animals going extinct? - except now it's about he blobfish.  I couldn't find the whole song online, but you can hear half of it here on Amazon:  here.

               We're only making plans for / Da da dirty dirty [blobfish]
               We don't like him so much / 'Cos he's very very ug ug ugly
               We're only making plans for/ Da da dark brown [blobfish]
               He has a right to live / though he's Ill ill ill ill-shaped

               He's on the way to extinction
               We only want what's best for hi-i-i-im

               Bear up [blobfish] never say die! [x4]
Buck up, Blobfish!


Dan said...

wow, i really don't like bottom-trawling

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! I found your delightful little blobfish amigurumi while searching for images of the blobfish for my own random reasons. Delightful!

Mystery Robin said...

Did you make a pattern for this? I would love to knit one...