Friday, June 19, 2009

Vegetables for Dessert? Sugar to the Rescue!

My CSA has started, so I got my first zucchini of the year on Wednesday. Since I'm not a great big zucchini fan, last summer's menu featured zucchini bread galore. But this year I'm going whole hog - Sugar to the rescue! Zucchini cupcakes!

For the cupcakes, I used Fab Food Friday's zucchini cupcake recipe. But the frosting? Carrot buttercream!

Here's how you make it: go to your favorite South Asian grocery store and find yourself a can of Carrots in Sugar Syrup:

Put the whole can into the blender or food processor and liquefy, syrup and all.

Cream one stick of butter with two cups of powdered sugar. Add liquefied carrots gradually, tasting until the frosting tastes just carroty enough.



Audrey said...

That sounds just lovely. And what a clever way to get in a serving of vegetables... just eat three or four cupcakes! :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

That is quite an interesting frosting! very original!

Dan said...

Someone needs to tell Jorge to stop growing zucchinis. Seriously, we now have six in the fridge, and the ones from this week are ginormous! This is a crisis that I do not know how to solve. It's hard enough keeping up with the cucumbers, and I actually *like* them.

Emily said...

Please to mail me that can. Is so pretty.

Catherine Uffen said...

I once asked an Indian store owner for his very best curry. He fetched me a tin labelled "VERY BEST CURRY"