Friday, May 15, 2009

A Big Hat Book and an Australian Pole Cosy

Autogyro from Knitty (by me)

Hey - re-posting a couple calls for entries here for anyone who's interested.

The brilliant and talented Annie Modesitt is putting together a picture-book of 1000 knitted hats. All knitted hats are welcome, and there are prizes for original designs. Get the skinny here.

Photos by Jake Dobkin in Gothamist

And if the 9th Street Fence outside ps122 or the yarnbombed parking meters of Montague Street in Brooklyn got you all excited, grrl+dog is organizing a massive stitch-up of the columns outside the National Gallery of Australia. Complimentary hand-made bling for all who participate. Find out how to play along here.


Anonymous said...

whoo hoo! Thanks for the shout out! We have already pledged 5 meters of ONE of the 6 ten metre poles.. but there are many others joining in from Knitta as well...

Dan said...

Stumbled upon the Montague St. yarnbombed meters the other day with my coworkers...v. nice.