Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fun Stuff to Do on Thursday

I'm totally psyched for the opening of Luvable and Huggable over at Gallery Hanahou this Thursday. It promises to be a plush-tastic wonderland, with work by super-awesome softie makers from all over the world. I'm especially excited to see Katie Park (aka Caffaknitted)'s knitted Henry the 8th and his umpteen wives dolls in person. If you haven't seen it yet, check this out:

Here's the details:

Opening party: December 4, 6-9 pm RSVP
611 Broadway, Suite 730, NYC
(7th floor of the Cable Building, NW corner of Broadway + Houston)
Hours: Mon-Sat 12-6 pm.

If you can't make the opening, get there as soon as you can. Since it's a toy show, stuff leaves the gallery as it sells, and you'll miss out on seeing stuff! I made it to last year's show too late to see Anna (aka Mochimochiland)'s knitted lemmings in the flesh. Or in the fluff, rather.

There's also a super awesome zine release party Thursday night. My friend Amanda wrote a sweet little zine called I (heart) NYC, well, not really, but I'm trying. Her writing is really great and it's got everything you'd ever want from a zine about the city with the world's gummiest sidewalks - cotton candy, Coney Island and even Jim Croce.

Here's the skinny:

Amanda Plumb understands that it takes a year before anyone likes living in New York, but after over 2.5 years, New York still does not feel like home to her. And frankly, she's not sure if she wants it to. Amanda's zine, I HEART NYC, well, not really, but I'm trying, is part visitor guide and part perzine. While it's geared towards other transplants who are similarly struggling in the city, she's confident that even New York natives will learn a thing or two about their fair city by reading her zine. This is Amanda's first zine. In 2007, she wrote an article about work zines,"Zines from the Shop Floor," for the journal New Labor Forum. Amanda hails from the Palmetto State and is really happy that she used her own images in the zine.

Thursday, Dec. 4
Angels and Kings
500 East 11th St. between Ave A and B

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