Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm in print!

My Starfish pattern made it into the new One-Skein Wonders book! It came out this week - I'm so, so happy about it. A real live book, beautifully photographed in full color, with a table of contents and an index and everything! All right, you all know what books are like, but one of the weird surprises about how happy I'm feeling right now is how great it feels to flip through the index and see "Yuhas, Daniel" at the very end.

The other thing I can't stop grinning about is the copy they wrote for my page:

With five points to grab hold of, your baby will love this toy! The construction is ingenious -- no breaking of yarn, no sewing of seams -- and the yak-merino yarn keeps things soft.
Ingenious -- I could get used to that. And it is. It's a pattern that's tricky and simple at the same time, way easier than you'd expect and really fun to make.

And there's a hundred more patterns in it besides -- tons of accessories, loads of lace, and scads of baby stuff -- each made with a skein or less of super-luxe yarn. My piece used a yak-merino blend from Karabella, and the designers used the gamut of fiber from quivut to corn.


TattingChic said...

Congratulations on getting published!

knithound brooklyn said...

Daniel you rock! Cute pattern.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Daniel, proud of you, happy for you. Well done!
So what's next now then????

Faye (Australia)

Gina said...

Whoo-Hoo! Way to go! What a great gift to yourself!

Mama H said...

Congrats-- beautiful starfish... I'll have to try!

sputnik said...

oooh that is one beautiful starfish

amanda said...

yay! congrats! it is the cutest thing in the book! if i were a good knitter i would totally make one for my baby niece to grab hold of!

Marvalous Marva said...

Daniel you go man!!!!!