Sunday, September 14, 2008

Apparatus for Orchestral Knitting

So remember the Apparatus for Orchestral Knitting? I went to watch, and there were two empty seats, so I wound up being part of it!

It was kind of like this (the youtube's from an earlier performance in Baltimore), but it was in a museum instead of a yarn shop and it sounded way better, at least from where I was sitting. The needles had pickups on the end that made the sounds of knitting come through the speakers. Being all hooked up like that (yarn on one end of the needle, pickup and wire on the other) reminded me of my days working at the call center in Oregon - we were all tethered to the machine. It was pretty cool.

Someone was videotaping the performance - if the one with me in it shows up on youtube I'll post that one.


Anonymous said...
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