Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Grand Animal

Hey everybody, check out my new fonts!

Big changes are afoot over at my pattern-selling website. It's time to wish the grandma font I've been using for my mastheads for so long goodbye. I think the new layout is way easier to read, and it also goes better with my whole DIY, I knit squids and so can you! aesthetic.

And it's time for me to re-name the whole enterprise so all of you lost tatters stop getting mad at me, and all of you poor spellers can find me more easily, and so everybody won't get so confused. I've taken out a new url, but there's nothing on it yet.

Here are two hints about the new name: It's a partial anagram of tattingmydoilies, but it's not "Dilletantism" or "Antsy Midge" or "Linty Toast" or "Imagine Ditsily". And if you go there right now, the there's-n0-website-here holder page says related search terms are: climbing / traveling / metamorphosis / arthropod / arachnid / travel fare / business class travel / larva / pupa / hermit crab care.

The plot thickens...

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Dan said...

hermit crab care!