Sunday, June 1, 2008

Autogyro is Go!

Hey everybody - check out my pattern in the new Knitty! Father-son propeller beanies! I'm so proud. The pattern is over here.


Emily said...

Rock and ROLL, Daniel! Your hat pattern is the best evar. Adorable photos too.

Anonymous said...

Well done Daniel, Congrats, youa re published yet again. Proud of you,
Hey, didn't know you had a son.
Makes sense though, you don't live in a monastry.

Daniel Yuhas said...

Thanks so much, both of you! Just so nobody gets confused, Silas isn't my son - I'm his godfather and best friends with his parents, but I'm not his dad.

Anonymous said...

Well, that accounts for why you never mentioned you have a son, because you don't have a son.
In time you might blessed one day.