Sunday, January 20, 2008

Beware the Kraken from the deep!

Is that a boat in your hair, or are you just happy to see me?

Pattern downloadable in the shop for five clams!

Inspired, of course, by


fairy_tinkerbell_haha said...


Hi out there!... found your blog by accident when I was doing a Google image search for "Yippee!" as I'm on holiday this week, and wanted to put something on my Yahoo 360!
I just love your Kraken and great octopus and squid... lovely scarf too! Great talent you have!!
Thank you for allowing me to see your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel, Love Kraken, looking forward to hearing from you when it's done...I want the first pattern again please as per usual. Well done, looks great, excites me just looking at him.


daniel said...

aww, Faye, you're the sweetest! and thanks fairy tinkerbell!

Emily said...

Oh holy cow is that fantastic. I am totally gonna make your pattern. I better go shopping for tiny model ships to adorn it.

Marjojo said...

Hey Daniel, I knew a visit here would make me laugh! Your new sun-yellow octopus is rather like a small startled-looking medusa-child. And the pair of dark purple octopi (with pleats, duly noted!) like an elderly couple, bewildered because they’re out of their element. I esp. like the surprise of a starry red underside to the violet one.
During childhood I had a recurring dream with a smallish white octopus in whose mouth (mouth?) one of my father’s feet disappeared, in our allotment of all places. My interpretation of it changes frequently and my relationship to octopi is fraught, getting more so when I look at photos of them. Yuck and yet so fascinating!
Your gaufrettes sound delicious though. Know them as 'Waffeln'. Did you get that story about the gaufrette-butter-shortage?