Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lili Marleen!

Bad news in the inbox yesterday - Knitty decided not to publish my boa pattern, so my dream of finding true love, escaping the drudgery of my day job and ultimately moving into a solar-powered hovering castle, all by designing and knitting fabulous objet (while simultaneously vermicomposting, fixing bikes, finding found art, cross-stitching pithy quips onto old paper bags and, of course, finally learning to tat!) has been deferred until at least the spring issue. My loss is your gain, fan club! I knit brushed alpaca in August just for you!

Meet Lili Marleen!

What if a feather boa could keep you warm at night? I’ve been obsessing over fringes for a while now, and came up with this stitch while goofing around -- why fringe the edge and not the center? Frills in all directions make this scarf wickedly fun to twirl yet seriously warming when wrapped, and bulky as a lion’s mane. Perfect for the glam gal or brave boy you adore.

Yes, this is knitted! It’s basically a big tube of I-cord worked in alternating colors, with periodic rows of fringelets. The fringe is similar to a picot bind-off, only without binding the whole way off – you use a third needle to make each fringelet by casting on and binding off stitches mid-row. It’s really fun and addicting to make. About the yarn – I used a bulky brushed alpaca (I love it, it feels like butter only fuzzy!) but anything bulky with some fuzz to it will do the trick.

The pattern is available as a free download at my website -

I'm also ironing three knitting scouts badges onto my sash - the I got turned down by Knitty badge (obviously) the I will crush you with knitting-math badge (for anemone) and the Knitting got me through my divorce badge (for penelope - close enough)

Update June 11 '08: Knitty published Autogyro today, so I'm ironing my new knitty-published-me badge over my old knitty-turned-me-down badge. Yay me!

p.s. if you couldn't tell, that rambly bit at the start was bravado - leave me a comment and cheer me up!

p.p.s. the model is Beyonslay!

p.p.p.s. if you like my boa, check out my squid!


Marjojo said...

Oh, sorry about Knitty-let-down, their loss, as this curly wurly scarf is gorgeous (as long as it doesn’t come alife)! Like the colours and the texture, would love to have a feel (love the description – like butter but fuzzy!).
Wondering now if the wormly shapes tie in with your pondering of parasetic warps et. al. Where are you at with that? Are you knitting in that direction? And thanks for your comments, they made my morning, left an answer for you on my blog.
And: great badges too!

froukje said...

Thanks a lot for this pattern! This is just the one I needed as a present for one of my colleagues, who so very very very much wants a fringed frilly scarf. Not for Christmas, but for Sinterklaas I'll knit this project for her. They must have had a brain time-out at Knitty's!

bdraeger said...

Neat! It looks so warm, I want to make it and bury my face in it. Too bad about the Knitty thing. I had a pattern rejected from this issue, too. According to my calculations, if they're rejecting patterns like this, the winter issue should prove to be mind-numbingly amazing. Anyway, I've heard the best time to make solar-powered hovering castle purchases is in the spring.

ariadne said...

LOVE the boa!

LOVE the squid! :)

visit montreal. it's no solar powered hovering castle, but its a fun town!


Jscothammerquist said...

Love Love Love that boa.
Knitty is stupid, I am so tired of socks and fugly cardigans, Bring me a boa !

froukje said...

Asd I said: I love the pattern! Knitting it was fun, so go look at my version of it on my blog. Forgot to link to the pattern: in my next entry I will link you for all my (Dutch) readers. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I agree. It looks like a great pattern. Don't give up on designing and submitting patterns! They might just be your ticket out.

babs said...

What a great scarf/boa!! Thanks so much for posting it on Raverly. I am going to make it, hopefully using up some stashed odds and ends. Will post it as a completed project on Ravely (some day:)