Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Again with the Squid

Hey kids - here's the squid again dolled up in a Santa hat for the Holiday Softie Awards! Wish me luck! (Or wish yourself luck as the case may be...)


Marjojo said...

Just came over to tell you that I saw that your multi-armed squid abducted by dinosaur and only looking slightly startled by all features on whipup (http://whipup.net/2007/10/27/forum-what-are-you-making-2/) - have you seen? Was laughing out loud reading your post, head filled with sea-creatures, bathtub with wooden buckets, cogitating with what??? – not only have you got a thing for arms, but also for abbreviations or acronyms, NaSweKniMo posed a new mystery but was rather more quickly solved than things to do with the Holy Virgin. And you’re living proof that men (some men) can multi-task!

Mary Jane said...

Hi! Love the Squid Santa! My sister-in-law once made a fantastic dress out of squid lures, fishing lures, it looked like a flapper dress. We like all things squid at our house!
Thanks for visiting my blog! Grubs for X-mas sounds good too. Can't wait for your show and tell.
Now I have to read your previous post about buckets. We always used buckets in Asia...at home, not so much!