Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Saddlebag Like no other

Here's some snaps of the gigantical saddlebag I made for the big trip. I already have a handlebar bag and a pair of Ortlieb panniers for the front where I'll carry my heavy stuff - I'll carry my clothes on the back under my bum in the bag.

It's held in place under the seat with a wooden dowel I sharpened with a pencil sharpener - it fits exactly in
to a groove I made in the top of the bag. Then it's bungeed to my back rack so it won't bounce around too much. I have a re-purposed leather belt that I'm planning to shorten and poke extra holes in to put where the bandana is now.

Materials: an old yellow raincoat, an old curtain, a zipper, 2 bungee cords, 1 bandana, a strip of reflective tape off my fireman coat, and of course, 6 feet of pink bias tape and some white squiggly stuff.

The bag is pretty huge - it's got all my clothes for the trip in it - two pairs of spandex, 2 jerseys, socks, undies, a wool hat, a jacket, a towel, the works! And spots for 4 water bottles on the sides.

I took my loaded-up rig for a test spin around the park this evening, and it felt really great - all the heavy stuff is up front, which works well with my
old french bike's geometry. Also, the big, tall Mercier bike feels totally plush even loaded up. It's like butter, if butter would take you down the backroads at 11 miles an hour... The real test comes in 10 days - cross your fingers for me!


Monger monger said...

hi yellow pink & gingham saddlebag! nice to see you on the interwebz.

Anne K. said...

Hey, what a terrific project - giving a new life and whole new purpose to stuff you already have! Great job - and good luck on the ride!

Thanks for the comment on the blog, I really appreciate it. Steop in again soon - I'll do the same!

Marjojo said...

Hi, that bag looks glorious, another sun-yellow delight. Is the sea-animone-baby blanket in good (niece-)use yet? Have a great journey. Hope you found lots of friendly bed-hosts.